H ivam yeese's. Uma hapi yep Hopitutskwat ep oki. Itam Hopiit hapi pas kyaahisatngaqw yep yeesiwqey pan sinomatsiwata. Itam yep pu' Arizona tutskwat ep haqe' yesqey naat pang yeskyangw haqami ahoy tsivot sunatsikis naanangk qatsivaptsit ang qatsikuyvayaqat pangsoqhaqami nga' yyungwa yep itaatutskway epe'


Welcome. You have come to Hopi Land. We Hopi are known for having lived here as a people continuously from ancient time. Where we are located today in present-day Arizona is where we have always lived with roots back in time to some one hundred generations in our land. Our culture, therefore, is one of the first (oldest) on the continent.

Located in Northern Arizona, the Hopi Reservation encompasses approximately 1.5 million acres. The three breathtaking mesas of Hopiland rise up 7,200 feet, offering panoramic views of the surrounding low-altitude desert.


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